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    Which is the Most Boring Winter Olympics Ever Telecasted on TV?

    To my knowledge, the most boring Olympics I ever watched on TV were the South Korean Games. I don’t know whom to blame, the camera people or the broadcasters. Or the players?!

    When I say Winter Olympics, it reminds me of Franz Klammer and his downhill run which got him the gold medal. Also, the late Frank Gifford and Bob Beattie’s performance still gives the chills! What a game and time it was indeed!

    Winter Olympics on TV

    Now, what happened to the South Korean Games? Why people find it less interesting?

    Which is the Most Boring Winter Olympics Ever Telecasted on TV?

    To get started with all the blame-games, the first who gets it is none other the NBC itself. It was just like, I wanted to have some delicious Bourbon Butter Icecream and they served me with plain milkshake instead.

    It all started at the opening ceremony itself, where the NBC team made us listen to Katie Couric. She doesn’t have much idea about the game, and still, we had to listen to her in the first.

    Also, an hour before the game – the channel could show the highlights of any classic or previous matches. They could have also shown an in-depth study of the rules on Curling. But instead, they had Scott Hamilton, Tanith White and Liam McHugh talking about something for a long time. I didn’t get a word of that.

    Coming to the U.S Men’s team, even though they had NHL players for the Olympics, they were crushed against Russians with a score of 4-0. After the game ended, the U.S coach Tony Granato was all in triggered form and he didn’t even shake his hands with the Russian team’s coach.

    Well, I believe the middle ground decision which was taken by the International Olympic Committee made things confusing. This actually set a bad start for the game.

    Apart from all the negativity or controversies, I still admire the passion of the athletes and the way they put in so much efforts for the team and for their country.

    What are your thoughts about the game? Did you really enjoy the game or not? Let us know in the comment space below.